Puma XT S Black & White Pack - Release notes

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It's getting warm and Puma is dropping the covers with the new Puma XT S Black & White, a breezy pack for the summer. A new member has been added to the Puma XT family, which shines above all with its breathable mesh upper including a facelift. To maintain the look of the XT models, the usual lace badges of the XT family can also be found on the new Puma XT S. But that's not the only innovation the new Puma XT S has been equipped with. The new Trinomic cushioning unit is visible on both models, as a small window has been embedded in the outsole, and the two colorways in the "Black & White Pack" ensure that the new technology is also visually convincing. the Puma XT S Black & White Pack should be available from the beginning of July in sizes UK 3 - 11, 12, 13. The best thing to do is to take a look at 43einhalb or Asphaltgold. I'm sure you'll find the Black & White Pack there

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