Parra Nike SB Dunk - Teaser

  • Parra Nike SB Dunk - Teaser

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When it comes to Nike , Dunks and, above all, coveted collaborations, there are always a few leaks around. The first images of the allegedly appearing Parra Nike SB Dunk have recently been circulating on various leak platforms. We have summarized all the information available so far.

After the first pictures appeared and the rumors spread, the Dutch designer Piet Parra didn't let us tremble for long. He teased the new Nike SB Dunk Low himself.

We've enjoyed several projects from Nike and Parra over the past few years, and we're doing it again this time.


We already know the design from Parra: the whole shoe is decorated with the classic abstract pattern in different shades of red and blue. The upper is made of cream-colored nubuck. A special feature is the slightly shorter swoosh and a small white swoosh on the toe box. The whole thing is rounded off by the Parra logo on the heel and tongue.

Nike has not yet officially confirmed when the Nike SB Dunk Low Piet Parra will be coming, but we assume that the sneaker will probably see the light of the stores in summer.


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  • Parra Nike SB Dunk
  • Parra Nike SB Dunk

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