Not Just Shoes 2015 - Recap

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I traveled to Hamburg on Saturday at noon. Originally I wanted to come to Hamburg with my girlfriend and then stay until Monday. But my girl had other plans at short notice, so I set off on my own in the late morning and of course I had to chill out after my long journey. Four hours in the car and little sleep is something you notice when you're 25 ( ;) ). To be honest, I wasn't really in the mood to party, but a few hours later I was persuaded to go out with my buddy Michi, starting at the Glory Hole Shop in St. Pauli. The store was hosting the release of the Hummel x St. Pauli Marathona that evening. A few beers later, we went to the MIGHTY KNOCKERS x NOT JUST SHOES OPENING pres. by SNEAKER FREAKER, where we ended up more or less sinking in, and the next morning we went to Terrace Hill. I knew the location from last year, but unfortunately I didn't quite remember the time. :D Luckily, everything went really quickly and I had all my things in place in good time, and the fair itself was definitely really good. In addition to many private sellers, my colleagues Runnerwally and, there were also sneaker stores like Animal Tracks, Titelhelden, Sneaxs, Glory Hole and a few others were represented. I really enjoyed the whole day and somehow everyone else seemed very happy too. Stance Socks Germany gave out lots of socks and I constantly had the sweet smell of waffles in my nose. Everything was great! In my opinion, there were also significantly more visitors than last year, some of whom even helped themselves properly. I think it was a great event for visitors and exhibitors alike, and it should definitely be pushed further in this form. I always enjoy being in Hamburg, and since there's a lot going on in terms of sneaker technology in this city anyway, it would be a blast if Not Just Shoes were to grow even more at this location. For my part, I'm super satisfied with the event (even though I was dragged in front of the camera with a hangover), but I was also glad to be back home on Sunday. As I said, age and all that... My stand for 2016 can still be reserved. If necessary, I'll just arrive one day earlier. Enjoy the photos of my colleague Kane! ;-)Photos by:

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