NikeLab Sock Dart & Air Moc Purple on feet - via Solebox

  • NikeLab Sock Dart & Air Moc Purple on feet - via Solebox

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This Friday, the two new colorways of the Sock Dart and Air Moc Tech Fleece Pack will be released at NikeLab and a few other selected retailers. Solebox is of course also there and already has the first great pictures ( #profishit ) of the two gray models at the start, which I just wanted to rub in your faces.The Tech Fleece Sock Dart was already a secret favorite of mine for this year anyway. I had already ordered the purple CW, but somehow I didn't quite warm to the color. So it went back. So I'm going to buy it again on Friday. I'm currently leaning towards the black and gray version, which unfortunately isn't pictured here yet. Even the Air Moc, which I think is a great shoe but also a very special one, looks really good in the pictures. I think the black CW has to go there too. #cozyshitNow that I see the pictures, I suspect that the release on Friday won't be quite as easy as with the purple colorway. Black and gray is actually a bit more suitable for the masses and therefore the demand will be significantly higher. So let's see what happens on Friday...otherwise we'll just wait for a restock of the models. Because there was one for the purple CW too... ;-)Here you can find the two models at Solebox in the online store.Photos by Knuckler Kane

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