Nike Wmns City Pack Collection Pre-Launch / Overkill Berlin

  • Nike Wmns City Pack Collection Pre-Launch / Overkill Berlin

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Last Friday, the pre-launch of the Nike Air Max Ultra City collection took place at Overkill. The pack was really damn popular, and over 200 people gathered at Overkill to celebrate the release accordingly.

As you can see in the pictures, the location was of course adapted to the design of the sneakers and transformed into a colourful sea of flowers. In addition, a huge LED screen was installed in the shop window to present the history of the Air Max until the upcoming Air Max Day on March 26th.I personally find such special events for one or the other release quite cool. The City Pack wasn't necessarily my taste, but it's nice to see what Overkill has done with it. They really put a lot of effort into it, and the customer notices that too!

  • 11airmax-ultra-citypack-overkill
  • 10airmax-ultra-citypack-overkill
  • 8airmax-ultra-citypack-overkill
  • 7airmax-ultra-citypack-overkill
  • 6airmax-ultra-citypack-overkill
  • 5airmax-ultra-citypack-overkill
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