The history of the Nike Windrunder jacket as a comic strip

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This year, Nike celebrates one of its in-house apparel icons: the Nike Windrunner.In the late 1970s, Nike decided to expand its range and provide athletes with functional clothing. In order to achieve these goals, the sporting goods manufacturer from Oregon decided to set up its own department. The new team designed a collection that would allow runners to train in any weather and enjoy complete freedom of movement. One part of this collection was the famous Windrunner jacket from Nike, which quickly became extremely popular and took the sports and pop culture as well as the breakdance scene by storm. Whether on the winner's podium or the streets of the world's metropolises, the Windrunner serves as a prime example of design collaborations and further developments. A trend that is set to continue this year - in the Year of the Windrunner!Current models of the Nike Windrunner jacket can be found here.

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