Nike vintage shirt and other new items

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We once again looked at the Nike innovations in October, including the Nike Vintage Shirt. This is our highlight. But just in time for the coming colder days, there are also lots of fleece items and T-shirts for layering. We have picked out our highlights from the new products in May. You can find all the new items here:


Our favorite piece is the Nike Vintage shirt with the trashy Pegasus on it. It's available in black and "bronzie", which is reminiscent of ochre. But there are also some good Nike SB pieces, shirts and cardigans for example. There are nice fleece items for the colder days. There are also some good shoes. Among other things, the Dunk Low Grey/White and the Polar/White, an Air Max 1 in black/white and the Calm Slides in men's sizes. Enjoy browsing!


Nike Vintage Shirt Pegasus Black


Clearly the super trashy Nike Vintage shirt is our highlight. But of course Nike also impresses with basics. If you don't want to miss new releases like this in the future, check out our release calendar . There you will find everything that is coming soon. Or even easier: you check out our app . You can also find our posts and releases there. And you will get push notifications when a new Nike sale is coming up. If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels. Have fun shopping.

  • Nike Vintage Shirt - Pegasus Schwarz
  • Nike Vintage Shirt - Pegasus Gold
  • Nike Neuheiten Shirt Schwarz
  • Nike Neuheiten Shirt Weiß
  • Nike Neuheiten T-Shirt SB
  • Nike Neuheiten Tshirt in Weiß
  • Nike Vintage Shirt -Fleece Jacke
  • LeBron Hoodie
  • Nike Oversized  Pullover im Vintage Look
  • Nike Neuheiten SB Jacke
  • Nike Neuheiten SB Jacke
  • Nike SB Jacke schwarz
  • Jordan x J Balvin Herren-Webhose Schwarz
  • Jordan x J Balvin Herren-Webhose Beige
  • Nike Neuheiten Winterized Windrunner Hose
  • Nike Neuheiten Dunk Low Grau
  • Nike Neuheiten Dunk Low Hellblau
  • Air Max 1 schwarz
  • Nike Neuheiten Calm Slide
  • Nike Neuheiten Apex Bucket Hat Grau
  • Nike Neuheiten Faux Fell Rucksack
  • Nike Neuheiten Premium Gürteltasche
  • Nike Neuheiten Nike Everyday Plus Gepolsterte Crew-Socken
  • Nike Neuheiten Fleece Cap Schwarz
  • Nike Neuheiten Fischerhut Gold Fleece
  • Nike Neuheiten Fleece Cap grau

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