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Here it is at last, my Nike Ultra Flyknit Presto! A real eye-catcher in this bright color, don't you think? Just perfect for summer (when it finally arrives). The colorway reminds me of a lagoon somewhere in a paradise haha :D I think we are all, slowly but surely, ready for the warmer days.Talking about warmer days... the Nike Ultra Flyknit Presto is definitely well suited for the warmer days. As I suspected in this post, not only does it look good, but it's also very breathable and ultra comfortable. The "sock" hardly gets in the way. I was initially worried that it might be too wide/tight or simply too long. But none of that is the case. They are neither annoying nor uncomfortable to walk in. Quite the opposite, in fact, because the sock gives you extra support. I can confirm this only too well, because when I was taking pictures, I had to take the odd jump and it didn't feel like I was about to slip out of the sneaker, and I also really like the fact that the laces are perfectly matched to the tone! All too often with tonal sneakers you get annoyed that the same color is not the same with other materials, but only similar. But in this case, Nike has done everything right. From the outsole to the mini Swoosh, everything is perfectly coordinated! The great thing about the Nike Ultra Presto Flyknit is that it looks very feminine. Especially compared to the normal Presto. This is probably also due to the fact that it has a very slim cut because of the Flyknit. So I can well imagine combining the Ultra Flyknit Presto with a dress or skirt. But I urgently need the black colorway for that. If you missed the Nike Ultra Flyknit Presto release, although it was announced here in our release calendar, you can take a look here. It's still available in all sizes and colors :)- Silvi

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