Nike SB Dunk High 420

  • Nike SB Dunk High 420

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The Dunk series continues with the Nike SB Dunk High 420 and brings back a well-known Grail in a new color concept.

As the name of the Dunk High already suggests, the new variant is aimed at a very specific target group. If you still don't know 420, we're happy to help: The number code stands for the consumption of cannabis and connects an entire culture with it worldwide. To this day, myths abound as to how the code came about. Nevertheless, the use of the number combination goes back a long way in time and has been used again and again by various artists, singers and the like. We recently introduced you to the Greatful Dead Bears Dunk , which is said to be a tribute to the US rock band The Greatful Dead. Again, we can suggest a connection to 420, as the band's followers were instrumental in spreading the code.

Coming back to the now announced Nike SB Dunk High 420, the first thing that catches our eye is the colourway. Lovers will immediately recognize that the color scheme already existed in a similar form. The Skunk Dunk from Nike SB released in 2010 had the same color scheme. The only difference to the new little brother is the mirroring or swapping of purple and green.

The numbering (1/420) on the side heel indicates a strong limitation, if you believe the first pictures. If this is the case, there will probably only be a measly 420 pairs of the 420s. That would of course be a tragedy for all dunk and cannabis lovers.

As the code also suggests, the release of the Nike SB Dunk High 420 is scheduled for April 20th. More official information about the release should be known shortly.

  • Nike SB Dunk High 420 - Back
  • Nike SB Dunk High 420 - Front

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