The Nike Mayfly Woven is coming back

  • The Nike Mayfly Woven is coming back

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The first rumors about the return of the Nike Mayfly Woven have been around since last year. Just a few weeks ago, I spoke to b0b and Alex (the head of the Upper Club) about the release. Alex also confirmed the return of the Mayfly Woven in the coming months, and the first images of the various colorways for 2016 have now been circulated. There are probably nine colorways in total, which should theoretically, and of course only if you like the model, serve every taste.the All Black is honestly not mine at all and by far the worst CW. On the other hand, I think the egg-yellow Mayfly is quite cool, although yellow is not normally my color. Curry always works for Nike, of course. That is clear. But my absolute favorite is the old white colorway. For me, it's simply the best color for summer and therefore a good alternative to Flyknit and co.Now all that remains is to hope that Nike puts a decent leather on the sole of the Mayfly. There's not much more you can do wrong with the Mayfly. What was the retail price of the last release? Does anyone still remember? I mean something around 100 my opinion, that's still pretty good for the thing. The release date for the first three colorways of the Nike Mayfly Woven is February 26th. It starts with University Red, Racer Blue and Black. Each with white as a contrast. The first confirmed store for the release is However, I think that the Mayfly Woven will have a similarly widespread release as the Icarus. He was also quite well represented in the local sneaker landscape. This means that asphaltgold, 43einhalb and a few other stores will also be at the start.

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