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Nike and Apple - the past shows: It fits! Now the two heavyweights have come together and developed a joint Apple Watch! As you would expect, the focus was on providing optimal support for runners. According to Nike, the smartwatch is the ultimate tool for athletes and, in contrast to other smart watches, not only displays information but also interacts intelligently with the user! The basis of the Apple Watch Nike+ is the Apple Watch 2. In terms of system technology, the version of Nike differs in particular through the strong integration of the Nike+ Run Club app. The app motivates the user to move, not with a simple "time to move", but with playful and challenging formulations. For example, the watch tells you how many meters your running partner has already run more than you and adapts to the user by creating training plans based on your personal schedule - regardless of whether you are a marathon runner or a beginner. In addition, the Apple Watch Nike+ ensures a continuous increase in performance.Nike boss Jeff Williams recently said that the aim of the collaboration was "to develop the best smartwatch in the world for runners and athletes".FeaturesWith the Apple Watch 2, it is also no longer necessary to have your iPhone with you when exercising - I think that's great, as carrying my iPhone around with my Apple Watch 1 was really annoying! The Apple Watch Nike+ strap is made from the same high-quality materials as the Apple Watch Sport band. In addition, it has been redesigned to improve air circulation. The strap is available in four different color combinations.pricesThe watch will be available in two different sizes. A smaller 38mm version and a larger 42mm version - as a man, I would advise my same-sex colleagues to get the 42mm version! The 38mm version is priced at 419 euros and the 42mm version at 449 euros. You can order the watch on the Nike website as well as in your local Apple Store and some selected Nike Stores. Another piece of good news - the watch is already available! You can find the Nike+ Apple Watch here in the Nike online store. So go for it and start running right away ;)!


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