Nike Air Jordan Alternate Collection for next year

  • Nike Air Jordan Alternate Collection for next year

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The year 2015 is not over yet. Nevertheless, the Jordan Brand is not tired of presenting us with the upcoming releases for spring next year.Apparently, the Jordan Brand really means business, because with the Alternative Collection, the brand is launching three models in the prestigious Chicago Bulls colorway: the Air Jordan 2 1987, the Air Jordan 4 1989 and the Air Jordan 5 1990 are all models that MJ himself could have worn in his active days. Personally, I think only the Air Jordan 4 is really strong, but I could imagine that die-hard Jordan fans could get excited about all three models. just check out the following pictures and get ready for more news from the Jordan Brand for 2016.You can find the latest Jordan releases here. You can find more articles on the topic of "Jordan" here.

  • air-jordan-5-90-low-alternate
  • air-jordan-5-90-low-alternate-2
  • air-jordan-5-90-low-alternate-3
  • air-jordan-5-90-low-alternate-4
  • air-jordan-5-90-low-alternate-6
  • air-jordan-5-90-low-alternate-1
  • air-jordan-4-89-alternate-2
  • air-jordan-4-89-alternate-1
  • air-jordan-4-89-alternate-4
  • air-jordan-4-89-alternate-3
  • air-jordan-4-89-alternate-5
  • air-jordan-4-89-alternate-6
  • air-jordan-2-87-alternate-1
  • air-jordan-2-87-alternate-2
  • air-jordan-2-87-alternate-4
  • air-jordan-2-87-alternate-3
  • air-jordan-2-87-alternate-5
  • air-jordan-2-87-alternate-6

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