Nike Air Jordan VIII Championship Pack - Release notes

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After Cleveland surprisingly managed to turn around the 3:1 deficit yesterday, the new Championship Pack from Nike is also being released this week. The new Championship Pack this year consists of the Jordan 8, which in my opinion always struggles a bit against the competition from its own camp. Personally, I actually quite like the 8, even if we only like the white and gold colorway from the new Championship Pack. #ovoinspired Unfortunately, the black "confetti" doesn't appeal to me at all. But the pack is definitely better than 2015, there's no doubt about that, and the release date is next Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 09:00. You can find the complete release overview of the Jordan 8 Championship Pack here.

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  • jordan-8-cigar-champagne-white-3
  • jordan-8-cigar-champagne-white-4
  • jordan-8-cigar-champagne-white-5
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