Nike Air Jordan XI 72-10 - coming soon

  • Nike Air Jordan XI 72-10 - coming soon

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So my friends. I hope you survived Black Friday and the shopping frenzy that followed on the days after. I kept a low profile and only bought KangaROOS from the guys at 43einhalb. Oh, and the Cyber Monday 1 Jordan is probably coming to my house too. I just hope that the US 11.5 will also fit me. Let's see, there are a few more good releases from the Jordan Brand coming up in the next few weeks. First up is the Nike Air Jordan VI Maroon, which will be released next Saturday. A few days before Christmas, on December 19th to be exact, the Air Jordan XI 72-10 will be released, another banger for all Jordan fans. The legendary Bulls season of 1995 / 1996 was taken as the theme for the Air Jordan XI 72-10. Back then, the Bulls had a real run, with over 70 wins to 10 losses, and crowned the season with their 4th NBA title in six years.An overview of the stores that will be getting the Air Jordan 72-10 will be ready for you by mid-December at the latest. For now, let's wait for the Maroon at the weekend....then we'll see! :)

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