Nike Air Jordan 11 Low Metallic Gold - Release notes

  • Nike Air Jordan 11 Low Metallic Gold - Release notes

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This week, an interesting Jordan appears again after a long time. At least from my point of view. The 11 is basically a popular shoe that, unlike the other models in the Jordan range, is also clear as a "low", and of course the colorway is a bit extravagant and certainly not for everyone. But I had already written in the post for the Ultra Boost from the Olympic Pack that I'm currently somehow magically drawn to these gold tones. As I said, I'm a bit surprised myself - but I'm not unhappy with it either. :DThe Nike Air Jordan Metallic Gold will be released this week on Saturday at 09:00 at Nike and some other stores. I'll fill in the release overview for this one as soon as I know which German and European stores are still involved.


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