New Balance 998BT - latest pickup

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After a long time, I finally got a pair of New Balance shoes again. Not that I have anything against the brand or anything, quite the opposite....I think they're great, but despite the good quality they're just too expensive! But sometimes you get lucky in life, because I got the New Balance 998 BT for the bomb price of €90 at Caliroots. 90€ is almost a gift for this piece, I just couldn't pass it up, so when they finally arrived here I was really happy. The MADE IN USA models are really great, you really can't complain. In addition to the good workmanship and the buttery soft leather, I particularly like the silhouette of the 998. I do have other New Balance models, but in terms of shape, the 998 is way ahead in my opinion. I don't think we need to talk much about the colorway, it's nice anyway...but unfortunately it's also damn susceptible to dirt and dust, as I found out earlier :D For me personally, the 998 BT is definitely one of my strongest new acquisitions recently, and there have been quite a few. The Gel Saga Footpatrol in particular was of course the crowning glory, so I'll probably be going back soon to take a few terms of shoes, things have been going really well lately, you can't say otherwise...I think I'll need a break again soon.... :DFf any of you are also keen on these things: LONG HERE!

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