Options for storing your sneakers

  • Options for storing your sneakers

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So my friends, here I am again...fresh and recovered from my vacation in Turkey. Nine good days with lots of sunshine, a little beer and the sea. In the short time I was away, my colleague sneakerb0b dealt with the chaos in his new home (again). I've been to his place a few times myself and sometimes it's really chaotic. Not that the young man is somehow untidy or anything, quite the opposite....but with so many shoes, I'm honestly wondering how the good b0b keeps track of everything.as it's no different for me now, and that's why there's already a bit of stress with my girlfriend, I've been thinking about possible alternatives to sneaker storage.one possible alternative would be the Billy shelf from Ikea, for example. I think this has become one of those standard things that every household has had at home at some point. In my opinion, the Billy shelf is a decent solution for us collectors, but to be honest it doesn't suit my taste or style at all. What's more, even a Billy shelf will eventually reach its capacity limit and nobody wants to have more than two of these things in their home.I also think the acrylic boxes that you can buy from Alibaba are really cool. They definitely look good, but are far too expensive and not "practical" enough for people with a large shoe collection. Even the acrylic boxes would need a shelf again and I'm sure that the boxes wouldn't look nice in the long run. Acrylic on acrylic just doesn't work...apart from the fact that I don't even want to know how much it costs to transport the acrylic boxes here. You're paying yourself silly with that volume! I found another option for storing our sneakers in the group "Sneaker Talk" on Facebook. The thing is called SHOWBOX and looks like an oversized LEGO brick at first glance due to the studs. But apparently the things have a purpose, because somehow the SHOWBOX seems to be a kind of modular system, meaning that when you buy a new sneaker, you can simply upgrade it again and again and build a kind of shelf or "sneaker wall" in your home. Conveniently, the SHOWBOX also has a window that can be opened to the side. This means that all sneakers are visible but still protected....and collapsing shoebox towers will probably no longer exist. In the end, the SHOWBOX is ideal, especially because you can rebuild and expand it from time to time.these were just a few ways to solve the problem with sneakers in your household. Ultimately, of course, you could leave everything as it is. Unfortunately, such a collection with the factory boxes of the various brands looks like a mess. In the meantime, the brands are constantly changing their boxes. A uniform image would be a good thing... What do you think? What do you think of the methods presented for storing your sneakers? What solution have you created at home? A colorful jumble - like b0b and I...or everything neatly sorted? Some of us really celebrate our collection...I'd be interested to know how you do it at home.photos via IKEA, Papacks, Alibaba.

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