miadidas ZXFlux Forefoot Split - latest pickup

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I already wrote about my experiments with the Forefoot-Split option in the miadidas configurator a few weeks ago. Now, after a more or less relaxing week in beautiful Poland, my own creation has finally arrived at my home and I tried out a lot of designs and ended up sticking with one of my favorite colours. I really like this strong blue color and already used it on my miadidas ZX500. In combination with a large black, it is and remains one of my favorite color combinations. I skipped the red sole this time. You should have a bit of variety in your wardrobe and I find the "Forefoot Split" theme really interesting anyway. There are so many variations and the miadidas configurator really offers enough choice. I think I spent over three hours tinkering around and kept coming up with new creations, and the models from my colleagues at Sneakyberlin and Sneaker-Zimmer (backlink?! I'd love to! :D ) turned out really well too. Especially the one with the Camo-Toebox really pops! As I said, just try out for yourself what you like and maybe let yourself be inspired by a few other designs here and there.by the way, I immediately built the matching Adiletten to my Forefoot Split ZXFlux.somehow I was totally "on fire" that day and really lived it up. After my OG Adiletten, the BRUDI's from Baba Haft and the just mentioned, my flap game is definitely "on point" this summer. :DViel Spaß mit den Bildern.Hier geht es zum miadidas Konfigurator.

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