miadidas ZX Flux Forefoot Split - my designs

  • miadidas ZX Flux Forefoot Split - my designs

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This week I once again made some designs at miadidas. Especially with the (still relatively) new Forefoot Split function, I've already ordered my favorite design and made myself a matching Adilette. I really like the dark blue offered in the configurator. Add a nice black, some shiny details and your dream sneaker is ready! Nevertheless, I wanted to quickly show you my other designs, which unfortunately didn't make it to the "final round". The options are actually pretty damn diverse now. I found it really difficult to decide, but I'm very happy with my final choice. I can't wait to see how my first Forefoot Split turns out. :)

  • 1miadidas-flux-forefoot-split
  • miadidas-adilette
  • Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-21 um 16.02.43
  • 2miadidas-flux-forefoot-split
  • 3miadidas-flux-forefoot-split
  • 4miadidas-flux-forefoot-split
  • 5miadidas-flux-forefoot-split
  • 6miadidas-flux-forefoot-split
  • 7miadidas-flux-forefoot-split

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