Jordan Brand Women Apparel - online now

  • Jordan Brand Women Apparel - online now

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Today we have three items from the current Jordan Brand Women Apparel range for you that caught our eye at first sight and so we don't want to withhold them from you. So ladies, watch out!

Jordan Reversible Bomber Jacket

The Jordan Reversible Bomber Jacket hides two looks in one. You decide whether you want a classic bomber design or a striking faux fur look. The comfortable material feels super soft and ensures wearing comfort all day long.

Jordan Utility Pants

The Jordan Utility Pants offer a relaxed fit for everyday life, combining current trend and functionality. The cuffs are not only practical, but also show off your footwear perfectly.

Jordan flight suit

Our highlight of the current Jordan Brand Women's Apparel range is without a doubt the Jordan Flight Suit. The one-piece suit is inspired by the iconic silhouette of the '80s. A look by Jordan Brand that won't leave you bored!

You can find more pictures at dear Masha Medusa:

  • Jordan Women Apparel - Bomberjacke
  • Jordan Women Apparel - wendbare Bomberjacke 2
  • Jordan Women Apparel - Utility Hose
  • Jordan Utility Hose 2
  • Jordan Flight-Suit

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