Hip-Hop on StockX – the best pieces of the genre

  • Hip-Hop on StockX – the best pieces of the genre

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August 11, 2023 marks a significant milestone: 50 years of hip-hop culture. Originating from the streets of New York, this pop culture has spread worldwide. We remember the origins when DJ Kool Herc laid the first stone for the genre at a school party exactly five decades ago. From the streets to the global youth movement. And it's not just the music that makes hip hop. It's everything, the music, the mindset, the clothes, the sneakers. What interests us most here are, of course, the shoes. And even more so, what are the hip-hop icons worth right now and where can you get them? That's why we looked around and of course hip-hop also exists on StockX. We have selected our favorites for you that you can actually buy on StockX.


We are not a platform that is now celebrating your 100th birthday. Let's explain where hip-hop comes from and how many milestones the genre has taken to become what it is now. Most of you know roughly what's going on. You also know what influence hip-hop has on sneakers and streetwear. To this day, if not even more so than 40 years ago. There are artist collaborations everywhere and most of them are only really successful when the artists come from hip-hop.


Long Story Short: We have picked out our favorite pieces on StockX that have something to do with hip-hop. We were surprised ourselves at how many releases we have forgotten in the last few years. And that there are far too many artists who have collaborated with brands for us to list them here. What can't be missing from our selection is the Air Froce 1 and the adidas Superstar. There is no way we can leave out Travis Scott, Ye and Supreme. As you can see, it's not that easy to restrict things here. You can find hip-hop everywhere on StockX. Just check out our favorite pieces!


So if you're up for more after listening to our favorite hip-hop pieces on StockX, you should hop over to the nearest streaming service and put on a good hip-hop playlist. Click through the last 50 years of hip-hop on StockX and listen to all the old and new beats and lyrics. You can find new sneakers and streetwear in the upcoming releases.

If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels.

  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Travis Scott Jordan 1 High
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Yeezy Wave Runner OG
  • Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Nike x Yeezy
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Teyana Taylor x Air Jordan
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX RUN DMC x adidas Superstar
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Cardi B x Reebok
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Skepta x Nike Air Max 97 Light
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX New Balance x Action Bronson
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Yeezy 350 V2
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Supreme x Nas Shirt
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Supreme x Biggie Shirt
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Kith x Biggie Shirt
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Supreme x TuPac Shirt
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Young Thug Merch
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX VLONE x Juice World Merch
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX A$AP Rocky Merch
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Beats by Dre
  • Hip-Hop auf StockX Chicken Nugget Pillow

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