Highsnobiety x KITH x Puma Pack A Tale of Two Cities - Release info

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The time has come: Highsnobiety is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has teamed up with Puma and KITH have brought two heavyweights on board for a collaboration.The result is the Tale of Two Cities collection, which includes a Puma Blaze of Glory and a Puma R698 Mid. Both models are clad in a quilted leather upper that is bursting with quality. Nice details such as golden lacetips, printed insoles and the country flags of the respective metropolises New York and Berlin round off the overall concept,For me personally, the Puma Blaze of Glory is the nicer model of the two. The buckle is of course a bit peculiar and in my opinion could have been omitted - on the other hand, it would have been just a normal Blaze of Glory. In the end, it's all right. I find the Highsnobiety embossing on the buckle rather questionable. Nothing against the logo itself, but did the embossing have to be decorated with gold? I don't think so, but that's just my taste. The official release of both models is tomorrow at 17:00. I'll put a post in the release calendar so that you can find the products directly in the store. what's your opinion on the collabo? A lot of hype for nothing? Or will you go for it after all? Via

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