G-SHOCK Mudmaster Limited Edition

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You will have noticed that I was in my favorite city Hamburg some time ago to take part in the event for the new G-SHOCK Mudmaster Limited Edition, one of G-SHOCK's flagship watches, the GWG-1000, designed to survive even the most adventurous expeditions and tours unscathed. Whether in the desert, in the mud or in the middle of a disgusting thunderstorm. With the GWG-1000 MUDMASTER, G-SHOCK has created probably the most robust watch of all time.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn3k4KdYH50&ebcJetzt G-SHOCK's all-purpose weapon is being released in a limited edition, not only for real explorers and adrenaline junkies, but especially for collectors and lovers of the brand. As only 32 pieces were produced in total, the G-SHOCK Mudmaster is a real rarity. The watch is housed in a waterproof expedition case, which includes a numbered plaque and a genuine Leatherman, and the release of the highly limited G-SHOCK Mudmaster Limited Edition is scheduled for March 15. In Germany, for example, you can buy the watch from Glory Hole, which has now become the brand's Tier Zero retailer. But caution is advised: The retail price of just under €1,000 is quite a lot ;-)

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