With Frangelico and SSIO on the local circuit in Berlin #yeswearenuts

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My followers on Snapchat and Instagram will have noticed that I was at the Lokalrunde in Berlin almost two weeks ago with Frangelico, SSIO and some of my fellow bloggers and influencers.SSIO has long been one of my absolute favorites in the German rap scene. So of course it was a very special pleasure for me to go on a tour of the Berlin clubs with the rapper from Bonn and the Frangelico team. Of course, the good man also played all his hits, which I personally had a lot of (!!!) fun with. #nuttööööööööAfter dinner together, we all went to Musik & Frieden to start our warm-up for the rest of the evening. Afterwards, we went to Kantine Kohlmann, 60 Hz and finally to Prince Charles, which we completely tore down at the end. Unfortunately, the local round with SSIO was the last one for this year, but as far as I'm correctly informed, the Frangelico team has already started planning for next February. Then the local round will return to the place where it started last year with Hafti & Xatar: Munich!!! #lokalrunde #frangelico

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