Foot Locker Re-Opening Munich

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You've probably noticed that I've been on the road again in the last few weeks. From Barcelona to Munich to Berlin, I've been traveling from one (sneaker) event to another, and one trip that was particularly fun was the trip to the Foot Locker opening in Munich. I was joined by several other well-known people: Brudi sneakerb0b, Sneakers Mag, my dear Eda Vendetta, Sneakerskills and a few others, and we all met up in front of our lovely hotel on the day in question to enjoy a Bavarian dinner together and later to check out the new Foot Locker store on Neuhauser Strasse. Foot Locker was already located in beautiful Munich and moved just a few meters away with the new store. At the same time, a House Of Loops was opened on the second floor, where various hot releases can be viewed and purchased in the future. Afterwards, we all went to a cozy little bar and ended the evening together (and with a bit of merriment). #goodtimesSpecifically the HoH naturally made a good impression on me, simply because I really liked the layout. A beautiful interior peppered with sneakers and great details, such as a basketball court on the floor and several large banners. I like that kind of thing. If you'd like to stop by, you can find the full address of the store here:Foot Locker MunichNeuhauser Str. 4380331 MunichGermanyFor now, have fun with the pictures and thanks again to Foot Locker for the invitation to Minga! :)

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