foodt x GOODBOIS Pop Up Store Opening

  • foodt x GOODBOIS Pop Up Store Opening

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Yesterday I was at the GOODBOIS Pop Up Store Opening with the guys from foodt in Dortmund.I was there relatively early and, in my opinion, one of the first, as the weather wasn't particularly good in Dortmund and most people were probably still groggy from the previous evening ( Dortmund, that is :D ). To be honest, I was in a real hurry as the event was supposed to start at 11:00 in the morning, but I was still busy with the releases until 12:30. My excitement about this Yeezy release and the accompanying purchase was just too much. I really wasted time, which in hindsight wasn't so bad, but in general the GOODBOIS collection is very sporty. As a fan of tech pants and the like, I like that. Of course, there are some pieces here and there that I don't like so much. But that's always the case, and I particularly like the cap, the crewneck and the button-down shirt. The tank top in the infrared colorway is also great! I don't like the parka as much, for example. It's just not my taste and a bit too swaggery for me, but of course a large part of the Dortmund scene was also represented. First and foremost, of course, my secret favorite Gerrit, star and solo entertainer of the last Afew Campout. ;-) There were free drinks for everyone and decent pizzas from the Italian restaurant around the corner. Fortunately, the sun came out later in the day and we were able to hang out outside in front of the store. There was also good live music and some great beats. A Saturday couldn't have gone any better, or what do you think? :DHere you can find the complete GOODBOIS collection in the foodt online store.

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