Foam Runner Ocher - new colourway

  • Foam Runner Ocher - new colourway

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With the first release of the Foam RNNR , we already made it clear that the slippers are our absolute summer highlight. As usual with Yeezy , the L quota was quite high. That's why we're all the more looking forward to new colourways and they're already in the starting blocks: the Foam Runner Ocher is coming! We have summarized the first pictures for you and all the important information.

FYI for those who haven't had any luck yet and for critics of the new Yeezy silhouette: the Foam Runners are absolutely comfortable. The EVA foam material nestles perfectly against the foot, weighs practically nothing and is super nice to combine - especially with wide-cut pants. As for the sizing, we can now tell you: it's better to go up a half or a whole size!


The new colourway in ocher - let's say ochre, just sounds better - is, as usual, part of the classic muted colors of Yeezy and can be worn with everything just as well as the first two colors Moon Gray and Sand or the soon to be released Mineral Blue .

The rumor mill is bubbling again. The new Foam Runner Ocher should be released in a few weeks. However, there is no exact date at the moment, adidas has not confirmed anything yet. You can probably buy the shoe again in the Confirmed App, at Overkill, SNS, Solebox, Footdistrict Footshop etc. for €79. A final list follows!

But as always: we will inform you immediately here or in our free app . If you haven't already, it's about time! You get the hottest information immediately on your smartphone.


If you should go away empty-handed again: we are sure that there will be a few more colors to come - we are used to that from Kanye.

If you are looking for more information from the sneaker and fashion world, you can get it as always via our other channels:

  • Foam Runner Ocher - new colourway
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