Edwin Jeans opens store in Berlin-Mitte

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Discussions about matching clothing to sneakers are playing an increasingly important role in the scene. For example, I personally get written to every day about where these and these trousers come from, so my beautiful sneakers sometimes take a back seat... Now one of my favorite jeans brands is opening its own store in our beautiful capital city, right in Berlin-Mitte.In addition to the entire women's and men's collection, the store will also present many accessories and collabos with other partners. Events and exhibitions on the theme of "Berlin" will also be held there at regular intervals, and current images have already been published for the opening, which you can now also view in the EDWIN store. The pictures were taken by photographer Andreas Schiko, and also represent the brand's current poster campaign.the official opening is this week on April 9th.here is the complete address:EDWIN-StoreRochstraße 18Berlin-Mitte

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