Djinns Night & Day Pack - Release info

  • Djinns Night & Day Pack - Release info

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...and here is the new Night & Day Pack from Djinns! The Night & Day Pack includes the Djinn's Wunk in black or white, as well as the matching six-panel caps with paisley design on the top visor and a large front print on the cap.While the design of the shoes is rather minimalistic (my new office shoes), the caps in the pack are real eye-catchers. The paisley pattern on the caps is particularly eye-catching and the release date for the Night & Day Pack is May 3, 2014. "We run the trap! Our minimalistic black & white collection with paisley applications draws inspiration from the evolution of the EDM / Trap fashion aesthetic. Merging music and design, we combine those elements into clean and modern foot- & headwear. Products that were made for you to turn up and support your love for music, night or day."

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  • DAY-NIGHT-CAPS-DEAD-STOCK-2-e1397889972675-600x736_c
  • DAY-NIGHT-CAPS-DEAD-STOCK-e1397890037235-600x745_c

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