The Berlin Boombox YO! MTV RAPS Edition!

  • The Berlin Boombox YO! MTV RAPS Edition!

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Finally, what belongs together comes together: BERLIN BOOMBOX fans can look forward to a very special edition of their favorite speakers this summer. The design of the YO! MTV RAPS BOOMBOX is a tribute to the legendary MTV show and brings together two veterans: ghetto blasters and hip hop.MTV made hip hop and television history between 1988 and 1995 with the music program "YO! MTV RAPS". Initially condemned to the subculture, the hip hop and rap scene got the attention it deserved thanks to the revolutionary show. Thanks to its now world-famous presenters André "Doctor Dré" Brown, Ed Lover and Fab 5 Freddy, hip hop became a movement. The innovative mix of interviews, live performances, rap videos and comedy made the show indispensable for music lovers. And it's not just the Wu Tang Clan and NAS who owe their leap onto the world's stages to the show. "YO! MTV RAPS" immersed viewers in a world of beats, rhymes and lyrics and shaped the urban street style of an entire generation, so what could be more obvious than to combine the most popular accessory of these old-school kids, the boombox, and the most legendary hip hop show of all time? Inspired by the show's original logo and color scheme, the YO! MTV RAPS Edition is available in two cool designs. BERLIN BOOMBOX brings back a piece of music history and pays tribute to the hip hop greats of the last twenty years in a detailed design.About Berlin BoomboxThis sound system is different! Berlin-based designer and illustrator Axel Pfaender has combined his love of music and design to bring a cool cardboard sound system onto the market. The unusual design of the products combines the style of old-school boomboxes from the 80s with the technology of today. The Berlin Boombox is supplied as a kit with electronics and cardboard housing and can be assembled in next to no time. No specialist knowledge or tools are required to assemble it, it's simply fun and only takes a few minutes. Then plug in your smartphone or MP3 player and off you go:

  • boombox berlin - side
  • boombox berlin - front
  • boombox berlin
  • boombox berlin - side 3
  • boombox berlin - side2

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