The Asphaltgold "FittingRoom" app is online

  • The Asphaltgold "FittingRoom" app is online

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A question of size: Darmstadt-based sneaker store asphaltgold is making it easier to buy sneakers online with a new free app.40 = 40? Despite the same size specification, sneakers vary from model to model. Even with the same brand, the size can vary enormously depending on the style. For customers shopping online, this leads to annoying mispurchases. Asphaltgold has therefore developed an app that reveals the "true size" of the shoes. The "asphaltgold Fittingroom" is a kind of digital sneaker try-on. here's how it works: users can mark the models that fit them perfectly from around 1000 stored models in the app. It doesn't matter whether they are older or the latest styles. The selection serves as a reference point for the database. The next step is to select the sneaker that you would like to call your own in the future. The app uses the models in the user's shoe cabinet to reveal the correct size of the desired item. Example: If you own a size 40 Nike Air Max 1, the app will recommend a size 38.5 for the new Nike Flyknit Roshe Run.The store's data is based on months of research. The asphaltgold employees have tried out all of the stored models themselves and compared them with each other. "We receive daily inquiries about how which model turns out," says asphaltgold founder Daniel Benz. "With the app, we want to offer our customers a free service that makes buying sneakers easier." Uncertainties are to be taken away and tedious returns are to be spared, and the service is not only available for German customers: The asphaltgold fittingroom is programmed in German and English, with more languages to follow. It is available for the iOS and Andoid operating systems. Download: According to asphaltgold, there is no comparable app in the world to date.About asphaltgold: Since 2008, the asphaltgold sneaker store has stood for fast service, expert advice and, above all, a passion for sneakers. It offers a large selection of brands and models in its 60m² store in Darmstadt. The asphaltgold team serves customers all over the world via the online store. asphaltgold currently has almost 200,000 fans on Facebook and around 80,000 on Instagram. The portfolio includes sneakers from Adidas and Nike to Saucony and New Balance.

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