diadora N9000 "Patta" - latest pickup

  • diadora N9000 "Patta" - latest pickup

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The diadora brand hasn't actually featured on my blog yet. Some people have even complained why I haven't posted anything about the brand's little "collabomarathon". I wanted to put an end to that now with a little report on one of my latest new arrivals, the diadora N9000 from the Patta collabo, which I actually approached with very low expectations. Sure, the Dutch sneaker store Patta is known for its good work, especially when it comes to SMUs. Nevertheless, I wasn't really sure what to expect. After all, I only knew diadora from my childhood tennis lessons and had no idea what the quality of the first releases was like. I never heard anyone complaining, but who knows for sure that "Made in Italy" is really a sign of quality in the sneaker sector ;-)The first impression after I opened my package was definitely quite cool. The N9ooo was in a nice black and green box, nicely trimmed to look old. I like that kind of thing, retro style and all. The shoe itself, and I was really surprised, is really great. The finest leather, very good workmanship and not a single sticky spot. Super! Many nice details such as the Patta branding on the tongue, a pleasantly soft lining and leather inserts in the Italian national colors complete the good overall impression, but of course I also have something to complain about, because for me there are definitely deductions for the shape of the N9000. The sole is really thick and the toebox is damn high. Both together make the N9000 look a bit clunky. Just check out the pictures and you'll know what I mean. I would definitely like the N9000 a little more streamlined, but apart from that, there's not much more to say about diadora and my N9000. The workmanship is good, the brand has a long history and the concept with the various collabo partners seems to work. I would be delighted if diadora were to pull more models out of the bag and show whether the good work can be continued. I had a quick look on Google earlier and looked for old models, there is still potential in terms of model selection, what do you think of the N9000 as a model in itself? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments!

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