The adidas ZX7000 comes back - Release info

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We had to wait a long time, but now the popular Adidas Originals ZX7000 are back in the original colorways from 1989.25 years ago, the famous Torsion system was introduced and has always been one of the most innovative running systems in the sports shoe world. The Torsion system allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently of each other, providing the wearer with ideal stability when running. adidas Originals has now decided to dig up these groundbreaking and eagerly awaited models again after a long dry spell. Both CW's are already available at selected retailers - unfortunately only instore for the time being. From March 1st, however, you should also be able to buy the ZX7000 at




My favorite is clearly the brown CW, it's much stronger than the other one and could well end up in my house... :)
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