Concepts x Nike SB "Holy Grail" Dunk High - closer look

  • Concepts x Nike SB "Holy Grail" Dunk High - closer look

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I thought I'd do a post today that doesn't actually exist as a category yet, it's called Closer Look and is actually like a Latest Pickup, except that in a post like this, as the name suggests, you go into more detail about the shoe. Perhaps a little more critical :D What is being scrutinized today? As the headline suggests, it's the Concepts Nike SB Dunk High from the Holy Grail Pack. Really good thing in my opinion. In general, everything that came out was pretty nice. We don't even need to talk about the fact that the packaging is a blast, do we? Concepts is definitely way out in front! In my eyes even the number 1 at the moment. The Dunk Low was my favorite, but I never got my hands on it. When the Janoski Max and Dunk High were available on about two weeks ago, I couldn't stop myself and had to order the Dunk. All well and good until then... I'm mega fascinated by the upper and can't get over how beautiful this 'stained glass' looks. For all of you who STILL didn't know what it was supposed to be: The inspiration behind the whole thing is the windows of a church. We all know that these are usually not just transparent, but decorated. It's a cool idea that has nothing to do with sneakers, but that's exactly what makes it interesting in my opinion, and I also think it's cool that there are three laces in total. You can choose between black, white and red. I think black is the best, as it simply goes better with the tab and the lining. I also think it's cool that the collar is transparent, so the beautiful print doesn't get lost and the whole thing looks even more like glass. I also have to say that I think the whole shoe has the effect of being shiny. It's hard to describe because I can't compare it to another shoe, but you have to imagine that it's not a common material like canvas, mesh or leather. It's definitely leather-like, but with structure. But now comes the big drawback... At first I thought to myself, oh dear, I hope my soles are really straight when you look at them from the front. I'm sure you all know the picture where you see the Dunk from the front and the toebox and outsole are totally crooked. That wasn't the case with mine. However, I was lucky enough to have a huge glue stain on the front of the outsole. It was so big that I really couldn't and didn't want to ignore it. I would have let it go if it had been somewhere on the outsole that you couldn't see it, but unfortunately it really has to go back to Nike. And no, reselling is definitely out of the question, you can't and shouldn't be that shitty! Can I get it out that way? :D I don't want to send it back. In any case, I think it's a shame that the production of such a hyped shoe is so sloppy. It would be better to instruct people very carefully or go through every shoe with a scanner and then take something like that out of production and put it in the outlet. What do you think? Is 110 euros still fair? What would you do? Just scrape them down with full force? I would be interested in your opinion. Please let me know in the comments. I would be delighted if the community would get active again and give their opinion. After all, we're interested in your opinions and don't earn money from comments, we're not on YouTube! :DLieben Greetings to everyone who got an unscathed dunk, you lucky bastards! Your Silvi :D

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