Beastin x Reebok Pump Omni Lite "Quite Storm" - Release Info & Lookbook

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Beastin has teamed up with Reebok to create their own version of the Reebok Pump Omni Lite and the concept of the first Beastin collabo called "Quite Storm" is inspired by the legendary Martini race car design and the famous sailing jackets from the 90s hip-hop scene. With this idea, the Beastin team is continuing to mix and match influences from the States and Europe, and to complete the look, the guys have designed a few fun gimmicks such as a blue sweat suit and a beautifully colorful sailing jacket for the release. the shoe itself definitely looks really cool, but only becomes an absolute "must-have" for me in combination with the jacket. I haven't bought any mid or high-top sneakers for a long time, but the collab really makes me wonder. Especially because I got quite a good deal at Sneakerness. You win some, you lose some - that's how it usually works! :DThe official release will take place on October 17th. The complete set will of course be available directly from the Beastin flagship store. Other selected retailers such as 43einhalb or SNS will have the sneaker at the launch.You can find a complete release overview for the Reebok Classics X Beastin "Quiet Storm" Pump Omni Lite in our release calendar later this week.

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