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As some of you may have noticed on my Instagram, I (Silvi, not Christopher) was in Munich a few weeks ago and on my last day I still had about an hour to see something in the city before heading to the airport. Since I had already eaten and shopping was out of the question, I thought, come on Silvi, check out the Beastin Store on site. I fired up Google Maps and off I went - it's really less than a 15-minute walk from the city center. The store is surrounded by universities and museums, so it's in a really nice area. The guys in the store were very relaxed and super friendly :) They even put some things away so that I could take nice pictures :D 10 points for service! The brands on offer were also the ones I would have expected and would have liked to see. I was particularly pleased with Raised by Wolves, which has long been a favorite of mine, and Daily Paper. You should definitely keep the latter on your radar, because there's still room for improvement! There was also streetwear from Patta, Nike and lots of Adidas. Not to be forgotten: The house brand Beastin, which was founded around 2008 by the design duo Duki and Fu. Of course, there is more in the online store than just in the store. If you're there and want to take a closer look at the store yourself, you should make your way to Amalienstraße 44 in 80799 Munich. Opening hours are Mon - Sat 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Here are some impressions of the store :)

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