atmos x ASICS Tiger Gel-Lyte III "B-Day Dinner" - my opinion

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I still can't quite believe it: as a store, you get the opportunity to make an SMU on a Gel Lyte III and you throw out such a cucumber. For me, this is absolutely incomprehensible, because after all, Atmos is known and appreciated for its good work in the collabo sector, and normally I'm not the type of person who only rates sneakers based on pictures. In this case, however, I'll make an exception, because what else is there to discover about an all-white Gel Lyte III? Of course, the leather could be something very special, but I'm already very happy with the materials used in the Pure Pack and I think, especially with this collabo, everyone should ask themselves whether they really need the shoe. For my part, I've already answered that question, because I'm not going to start drooling just because of this tiny atmos branding on the heel. My Gel Lyte III from the Pure Pack is more than enough for me. :)In my opinion, atmos should question itself especially for this release, because there would certainly have been some other collaboration partners with whom ASICS would have delivered a far better result. Too bad atmos, but you really messed up there, be that as it may. Those of you who are still interested in the shoe will find it on the respective F & F accounts. The official release is scheduled for July 25, 2015. For my part, I'm definitely out, but wish the campers and other interested parties lots of fun. :)P.S.: Monox still has the Pure Pack online, by the way ;-) Here's the link to the guys' online store!

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