asphaltgold x KangaROOS Omnirun Mouse - Release info

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The teaser for the second part of the collabo between asphaltgold and KangaROOS was already released yesterday. This morning, asphaltgold finally let the cat mouse out of the bag and published lots of new images for the release. the second drop of the collaboration is again the silhouette of the new Omnirun, which is made up of the Runaway and the Omnicoil. The only difference to the previous release is the colorway, which I personally think is pretty nice. In contrast to my colleague Jan from the Soleinvaders blog, I also really like the rope laces included. Jan says they have to go...I think they can stay in. #geschmäckerhaltOf course, the asphaltgold x KangaROOS Omnirun Mouse was also made in Pirmasens and is therefore available in a high quality. I was able to convince myself of the workmanship, the package and the other gimmicks in the first drop and am still very happy with the shoe. In a direct comparison of the two models, however, I have to admit that the mouse is a little superior to the cat. :) The combination of the two colors is just too good. :)The official release of the asphaltgold x KangaROOS Omnirun Mouse will take place next Saturday, May 07, 2016. As with the first drop, there will be exactly 100 pairs that you can get "instore first" at asphaltgold . The online release - if there are any pairs left - will take place between 7 and 8 p.m.

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