asphaltgold SoulSole VII feat. adidas Originals 'Los Angeles' - Recap

  • asphaltgold SoulSole VII feat. adidas Originals 'Los Angeles' - Recap

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On Saturday, it was time to really tear it up in Darmstadt! The journey from NRW to Hesse started at midday, where we already had a lot of fun on the way. After a spontaneous stopover at the Fashion Outlet Montabaur, the journey quickly continued, as Christopher could hardly wait for the table tennis round. Of course he was hungry and thirsty. Thirsty... you understand ;) Oh and did we find anything in the outlet? I thought so. Once we arrived in Darmstadt, we went straight to the Weststadtcafé. The guys and girls from asphaltgold and adidas Originals were already there. The focus was on the adidas Originals 'Los Angeles', of which the second drop has now been released. All new Los Angeles colorways are also already available at asphaltgold. Also with polkadots, for those who haven't had enough yet. Super good to have finally seen the people you usually only know from emails and phone calls. Very friendly crew who know how to party :) Huge thanks for the great evening and kisses to everyone who was there. The evening ended unforgettably, with a few liters of Cuba Libre, loving wrestling fights in the hotel, on the way to the room and Sharpie tricks on Christopher while he was sleeping. Grandiose!

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