Asphaltgold presents REEBOK x FACE Special Release

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Listen, listen - Asphaltgold also caters to the ladies of the guild ;-) I knew it, a store full of women's experts. And so empathetic. Awesome :)All joking aside, this week sees the release of the Reebok x Face Classic Heather Spirit and Danny and his team have come up with a great idea for this event in collaboration with airbag craftworks, a limited edition POPSHOP tote bag was produced, which will be given away free of charge to the first 30 in-store customers who purchase a REEBOK x FACE Classic Leather. asphaltgold X airbag bag is made from Italian raw cotton and high-quality leather. Matching the colorways of the two REEBOK x FACE sneakers, the silver leather was used for the carrying handles as well as for the patch on the front. The recognition effect is guaranteed! The release of the Reebok X Face Classic Leather Spirit Sneaker & limited Totebag is this coming Saturday, August 01, 2014 at 11:00 am at Asphaltgold Sneakerstore.Further information can be found directly on the Blog of Asphaltgold.

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