Asics x Ubiq GT-COOL "Nightshade" - Release info

  • Asics x Ubiq GT-COOL "Nightshade" - Release info

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Just two months after the release of the GEL-LYTE V "MIDNIGHT BLOOM", the sneaker scene is eagerly awaiting the GT-COOL "NIGHTSHADE" as the result of another collaboration between UBIQ and ASICS.

"As with our last collaboration with ASICS, the "MIDNIGHT BLOOM", the "NIGHTSHADE" represents our admiration for Mother Nature and our special relationship with the dark hours of the day. In this case, it becomes even more profound, as the nightshade family contains a number of highly poisonous plants that were used as medicines, poisons and hallucinogens, especially in the Middle Ages, and the name "nighshade" is a derivation of the old English word "nihtscada", which means "unrecorded night", referring to the narcotic effect of the plants. As always, we felt narcotized when it came to working on another ASICS model. The moment we started, we had lost all sense of space and time and the next moment we woke up with a colorful GT-COOL silhouette in our hands, with no memory of how we achieved it. Maybe we were under the influence of a nightshade plant when we designed the shoe, but we just can't remember. "UBIQ and ASICS proudly present the GT-COOL "NIGHTSHADE" made of premium nubuck leather, which celebrates the attention to detail so valued in ASICS models. 3M accents under the perforated leather as well as on the tiger stripes and the heel cap come to life at night, accompanied by a neon green-yellow reminiscent of sulphur springs, which catches the eye both as the outlining of the tiger stripes and on the heel cap as well as the laces. The characteristic ASICS "Split Tongue" made of high-quality neoprene and the fine suede leather underline the high quality standards of this collaboration.In Germany, the model will be available from August 16 at the following retailers:SOLEBOX, BerlinOVERKILL, BerlinTITELHELDEN, HamburgAFEW, DüsseldorfTGWO, CologneASPAHALTGOLD, DarmstadtSUPPA, StuttgartThe RRP is € 160,-
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