ASICS x Overkill Gel Sight Desert Rose - latest pickup

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A few days ago, the new ASICS Tiger x Overkill Gel Sight Desert Rose from Overkill arrived at my house.The Gel Sight is still a relatively young retro from ASICS and was only brought back to life through a collabo with Ronnie Fieg. Since this release, I think there have only been two or three new colorways in total. So compared to the Gel Lyte III and Gel Lyte V, the Gel Saga and the GT-II, the Gel Sight is a relatively unused model and still quite unpopular with many people.I personally think the silhouette of the Gel Sight is actually really cool and I also bought the first retro from KITH. Of course, the Desert Rose from Overkill also had to be included. After all, collabs with German stores are few and far between and I've already come up empty-handed with the Koi Club Gel Lyte III from afew. The ASICS Tiger x Overkill Gel Sight Desert Rose is much better for me than the version that dear Ronnie has released onto the market. In terms of material, I find both models absolutely equivalent, but the color selection and concept of the Desert Rose are much more interesting to me, and the sneaker may look very feminine, which is probably mainly due to the burgundy upper and the oriental pattern. I also know a few dudes who wouldn't wear the shoe for that reason. I don't have a problem with that. I also wear pink shoes, so I'm not worried about it. Real men can wear anything. They don't have to be ashamed! :D Personally, I think the ASICS Tiger x Overkill Gel Sight Desert Rose is a really successful collabo. Overkill simply does a good job in this area, I don't think anyone can say otherwise. Of course, with the ASICS brand, the hype is somehow pre-programmed. There are also stores that simply mess up a collaboration like this. Atmos is exactly the right keyword here, I think, and the ASICS Tiger x Overkill Desert Rose will definitely never leave me. The US11.5 is a bit big for my taste, but I should be able to solve that problem quickly with thick socks (which were included, by the way! ;) ). I'm really happy with the shoe and I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb when I say that the ASICS Tiger x Overkill Desert Rose is already one of the best ASICS collabos of the year. Have fun with the rest of the pictures! Here you can find more articles about ASICS Tiger.

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