Asics x CNCPTS Gel Lyte V - Release info

  • Asics x CNCPTS Gel Lyte V - Release info

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Almost everyone has experienced a situation where reality has caught up with them. It was no different for the CONCEPTS team in the context of the ASICS X CONCEPTS GEL-LYTE V collaboration. Inspired by the story of the phoenix, they set to work a year ago, unaware that the shoe itself would rise like a phoenix from the ashes a year later, when the production plant for the GEL-LYTE V was also affected by the unrest in Vietnam and burned down. The entire production seemed to be lost, but miraculously a part of it was saved, and based on mythology, a phoenix has a lifespan of 500 to 1000 years. Towards the end of its life cycle, it builds a nest that ignites itself and burns both the bird and the nest to ashes. With its cement-grey suede upper, speckled asphalt-grey midsole and bright red monosock construction, the ASICS X CNCPTS GEL-LYTE V is representative of the flames and the ashes. 3M accents as outlining around the Tigestripes round off the picture and four different laces leave plenty of scope for individual design, completing the concept with another GEL-LYTE V, which symbolizes the phoenix from the ashes with its purple/green colour scheme. This shoe is available as an exclusive product only at CONCEPTS.The release of the ASICS X CNCPTS GEL-LYTE V will take place in Europe on 23.08.2014.In Germany, the model is available at the following retailers:SOLEBOX, BerlinOVERKILL, BerlinTITELHELDEN, HamburgAFEW, DüsseldorfTGWO, CologneASPAHALTGOLD, DarmstadtSUPPA, StuttgartThe RRP is €150.

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