ASICS x Cncpts "8 Ball" - latest pickup

  • ASICS x Cncpts "8 Ball" - latest pickup

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Regular readers of the blog will have noticed that this isn't the very first time we've posted pictures of the ASICS x Cncpts GLV "8 Ball"!Christopher already provided here some on feet pictures that were quite nice. Okay, I admit it. I can't get enough of it either, so I had to take a few more pictures to share with you. How nice am I? Eye candy for everyone - yay! Personally, I like the contrast of the red midsole. The upper is made of suede with some M3 accents. Great workmanship and super nice colors! Less is more, as you can clearly see again. The insole is very cool with blood splatters and the ASICS logo. As I said, it's a very simple shoe, but that doesn't mean it can't do anything! ;) If some of you still don't know the inspiration for it, here's a little info that might be useful: The colorway of the shoe is a homage to the drug dealer George Jung from Boston. I'm sure many of you know the movie "Blow" - which was more or less the film adaptation of his drug career - and I think you can expect some ASICS images and hot releases this year. So you can be excited and look forward to it! Cheers.
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