ASICS Tiger x afew Gel Lyte III Koi Club Camp Out - Recap

  • ASICS Tiger x afew Gel Lyte III Koi Club Camp Out - Recap

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Gosh guys, what can I say? :)I've been on the road for several days now and only arrived home an hour ago.For me, the ASICS Tiger x afew Gel Lyte III Koi Club Camp Out didn't start until Thursday lunchtime, but I traveled straight from the doors of the afew store to the cup final in Berlin. I couldn't turn down the invitation to the cup final, even though I knew beforehand that the week would be pretty exhausting and stressful. It's all still possible, after all I'm still young. Let's see when that changes :D For me personally, it was the first real camp out. I don't actually want to use this term for myself out of respect, because there were a few other strong characters who had been "camping" outside the afew store since Wednesday. Of course, I've already spent a few hours hanging around in front of some stores to get a shoe or other. However, I've never experienced anything like Düsseldorf and the atmosphere was actually really good 24/7. There was no trouble, the police didn't have to turn up and in my opinion there were hardly any people who were only there for the shoe to sell it again later. Of course, you can only look people in the eye, but I'm sure I'm not too far off the mark with my assessment. The rain in between was the only problem, especially for the people who didn't have any friends in the area, and the organization of the whole camping was absolutely professional. The campers were able to spread out nicely without anyone saying anything. To be honest, I'm still amazed at how cool the owners of the store next door stayed. I would certainly have reacted differently and not stayed so relaxed. A very big compliment for that. I think that's really great! The afew team had the entire release process firmly in their hands the whole time. The guys had everything planned out and everything was very fair overall. There was nobody (I hope that's really the case?!) who was able to get hold of several pairs of the ASICS Tiger x afew Gel Lyte III Koi Club in any way. It's a shame that things don't always work out like this, but my personal conclusion after these four long days is consistently good. Sure, it's Sunday evening, I'm slightly exhausted and definitely 5 years older than I was on Wednesday. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Especially with my brothers Runnerwally and Knuckler Kane Holz from beautiful Hamburg. It was great, guys! We'll do it again! A big thank you also to the afew team. You did everything you could during, before and after the release. All in all, you did a great job, which simply culminated this weekend. Thank you for that, because we'll all be happy to buy our kicks from you again! :)Until the next release then! I have to go to bed now :DPhotos by:

Knuckel / Kane Holzweb:
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