ASICS Tiger Gel Saga Neon Summer Kite - latest pickup

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A few weeks ago I promised you here the "on feet" pictures of the yellow ASICS Tiger Gel Saga from the Summer Kite Pack.I wanted to make good on that promise, because today I had the opportunity to take a few quick pictures with my girl and my friend is really happy with her neon-colored Gel Saga. To be honest, I wasn't so sure at first whether she would like it, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In the end, however, the sneaker was an absolute hit (thank God :D ) and she had nothing to complain about. Imagine if the woman had liked my blue Gel Saga better. What would have happened then... ;-)Anyway. From my point of view, the yellow Gel Saga from the Summer Kite Pack is an absolute girl's shoe anyway. I like it too, but that's probably more down to my general preference for the model, and for me there was really only one problem with today's pictures. The photos! My advice to you is not to even try to photograph the Gel Saga in the sun. It won't work because the shoe just blends in so badly...really bad! Of course, it could also be that my camera skills are still inadequate for such shots, you never know... :D If you want to get one of the models from the Summer Kite Pack, you'll find it at 43einhalb. You can find all three models right here, at 43einhalb's online store.Find more stores here.

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