ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte V Splash City - Release info

  • ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte V Splash City - Release info

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BAIT is one of the most famous stores in the world, known for its great collaborations with various manufacturers, and now the San Francisco store has once again teamed up with ASICS Tiger to present a new masterpiece based on the silhouette of the Gel Lyte V. The inspiration for the ASICS Gel Lyte V comes from the Golden State Warriors basketball team. The ASICS Gel Lyte V with the nickname "Splash City", because that's exactly what this collabo is called, comes in an upper of a great blue tone and black accents. The ASICS Gel Lyte V "Splash City" gets further splashes of color from the black and gold tiger stripes made from reflective 3M material. The set also includes three different types of laces and a printed insole! The big question we're all probably asking ourselves now is: How can I get my hands on these sneakers? The question is actually a very good one, because the ASICS Gel Lyte V won't be easy to get your hands on. The official release is on April 11 and 12 in an exclusive pop-up store, just in time for the start of the Golden State Warriors' post-season. Remaining pairs will probably also go online in the online store, but I personally don't believe it to be honest.
For me personally, the ASICS Gel Lyte V Splash City is one of the strongest releases of the model. I just love the colorway. The gold on the tiger stripes is awesome, especially the "ultramarine blue" is really good. What do you think of the shoe?
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