ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte V 50/50 Pack - latest pickup

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I first saw the 50/50 pack in April and was immediately hooked. I liked all four colorways of the different silhouettes right away. It's a shame that in the end only two models made it to a release in Germany. I could have done with the Gel Saga and the Gel Lyte Speed and they would certainly have been welcome guests on my feet, but as it is in life, you can't have everything. So I settled (or had to?!) for the Gel Lyte V from the 50/50 pack.color blocking is certainly nothing new in the sneaker business. After all, there have already been a number of collabs and models that have scored points for this design feature alone. Somehow the spell of these colorways seems to be unbroken, because the 50/50 pack also seems to be very popular in sneaker circles.The Gel Lyte V appeals to me above all because of the colorful toebox, which immediately catches the eye in combination with the rest of the shoe. The rest of the shoe is completely black and is only accentuated with white in a few places, and I know people who complain about the toebox because of the material (I think it's neoprene). That doesn't bother me at all. I like material variations on sneakers and the Gel Lyte V is no different. For me personally, this is complaining on a high level and somehow inappropriate. The shoe is of good quality, has no flaws or traces of glue, so you don't have to look for a needle in a haystack. Especially for a price of just under €120... I for one am very happy with my LPU from the 50/50 pack. For me, the sneaker is perfect, exactly as it stands here in front of me right now. ASICS Tiger has simply done a great job with the 50/50 pack, which I as an ASICS fan simply have to pay homage to. I'll admit that I've often made negative comments about ASICS Tiger recently. In this case, however, I simply have to praise this sneaker and the rest of the pack, because I absolutely recommend buying it and if you are also interested in the shoe, I would suggest you take a look in the local stores. You can also find them online at Sport Münzinger, asphaltgold and 43einhalb. The Afew store from Düsseldorf should also have a size at the start.

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