ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte III Premium Nubuck - latest pickup

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A constant coming and going. That's the way it is with sneakers for us "sneaker maniacs". And since a lot has "gone" for me with the Not Just Shoes, it's logical that something had to "come". :)You can see what came: The Gel Lyte III from the Premium Nubuck Pack. From my friends at Animal Tracks, of course! :)I left the Gel Lyte V behind this time, as I wasn't so keen on the colorway. But I had to have the III. Everything about this sneaker is just right. From the colors to the materials used. The sizing of the premium nubuck Gel Lyte III is somehow slightly larger. As always, I'm wearing a US12, but there's still plenty of room. Not too much, but plenty. I wouldn't go down half a size. I think that would be too much and then too tight, but there is one small thing that bothers me about the shoe: the mint green accents. At the moment, everything that is even vaguely mint-colored is super cool. That's okay, I've celebrated it often enough. However, the sole of this sneaker could have been gray, just like the rest of the shoe. The same goes for the cut-outs on the mudguard. Of course, that's complaining on a high level, but that's just my opinion and somehow I think it would have fit better. Despite this minor detail, the premium nubuck Gel Lyte III is a really great shoe, if not one of the best Gel Lyte III of the year. Maybe you can't understand it, but I have almost all the Anniversary models here. I know exactly what I'm talking about! :)From my side, I definitely recommend buying the Gel Lyte III Premium Nubuk. There's no easier way to get your hands on a "quality Gel Lyte III". As I said, the Premium Nubuk doesn't have to hide from the current collabo models. ASICS has already made sure of that. And they have to, because if you put Premium on it, you should also make sure that Premium is inside. :) If you're also interested in the sneaker, it's best to visit Animal Tracks directly. If your size is no longer available there, I have here, in our release calendar, and another overview of all stores. Have fun with the pictures.

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