ASICS Tiger Gel Kayano Trainer EVO - latest pickup

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When the Gel Kayano Trainer was revived last year, I was immediately hooked; I liked the sporty look of the silhouette and the "cage" was a really cool gimmick for me at the time. Unfortunately, the quality of the models was never particularly impressive, so at some point I swore off the Kayano. The workmanship and materials were basically ok, but almost every Kayano I bought was full of glue marks - and not just in the sole area, but actually everywhere.In the further development of the Gel Kayano Trainer EVO, the protective cage, whose inspiration comes from the shell of the stag beetle, was dispensed with entirely. The result is a relatively simple shoe with a slim silhouette that should work particularly well in summer thanks to its airy upper, as the EVO's upper material is made entirely of mesh, unlike previous releases. The neoprene inner sock has of course been retained, as this is part of the character of the Gel Kayano Trainer. ASICS TIGER didn't want to give the Kayano a complete "re-make" after all. I think that's fine, because although the Kayano has changed from time to time over the years, it has somehow remained true to its origins and there's nothing special to consider when it comes to sizing. My usual US11.5 fits like a glove and I have enough wiggle room in the toebox area. As with almost all sneakers with this technology, the neoprene sock fits a little "spackly" at first. However, I know from experience that this should subside after a few days, and I for one am definitely quite happy with the sneaker. As I said, I had already somehow "prejudged" the Kayano Trainer and was really skeptical at first. After taking a closer look, however, I put my reservations aside, because at least there's nothing wrong with my shoe. I suspect that ASICS Tiger was aware of the problem and simply took appropriate measures to counteract it. There are so-called "teething troubles" with many models, and when these are corrected, at the end of the day everything is back to normal. :)If any of you are interested in the model, you can simply take a look at Asphaltgold or Afew. Overkil also has a few colorways in its range, although I think mine is the best. Just check out the stores, because I don't want to dictate anyone's opinion here. :)Have fun with the rest of the pictures :)

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